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BSOD Sometimes When The PC Is Booting Up Or After Viewing A YouTube Clip

BSODs And Total Freezes Only When Gaming

Can Backlight/inverter Cause Random Freeze/restart?

Can RAM Cause Game Freezes ?

Choppy Video & Sound & Lockups

Comp Froze Up And I Need Help

Comp Freezes When Media Loads

Comp Random Freezing

Comp Crashing During Gameplay After Upgrade To GTX 560 Ti

Computer Crashing/freezing On A Daily Basis

Computer Crashes With STOP Or Reboot

Computer Constantly Freezing

Computer Freezes During Games

Computer Freezing And Not Booting

Computer Freezes

Computer Freezes Up Randomly

Computer Freezes At Normal Clock Rates

Computer Freezes When Playing A Game

Computer Freezes 2 To 3 Mins After Boot Up

Computer Freezing

Computer Freezes When I Ask It To Do Multiple Tasks At Once

Computer Hangs For Sometime

Computer Freezes During Heavy Load Everytime

Computer Freezes During Boot-up.

Computer Frezzes After Any Video Clock Change

Computer Frequently Freezing With New Components

Computer Freezes About 15 - 20 Minutes After Logon

Computer Hangs/BSOD While Surfing The Net

Computer Freezes In Certain Situations

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